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2. Description of the Report

You acknowledge that you will read the explanation of the Report provided on the Related Information section of the Site. Please note that the Report does not contain important economic information that may relate to other derivatives activity, such as information on associated positions, on other derivatives activity (including further derivatives positions), and other counterparty or credit risk related positions, including associated collateral positions. As a result, it is not necessarily possible to determine accurate credit and counterparty risk exposure information from this Report. Certain of the information, materials or documents may be considered “non-traded” in nature, such as data related to industry compression or tear-up activity, or data on the clearing of existing transactions. In addition, Content and Materials included in the Report may be recorded in short form, where they have not been supplied to us as fully matched confirmation records. These short form records may omit necessary data items to identify them as relevant to a specific enquiry. Please note that not all records have been submitted to DTCC as of their trade date, as certain transactions have been loaded in batches.

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