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Meet Tara, Zach and Michelle – three DTCC interns who turned their summer internships into opportunities to develop new skills and forge their career paths. Our collaborative and supportive workplace is a great place to kick-start your career and make a difference by helping to protect the stability of the financial system.

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The Power of Encouragement

Zach chose marketing as a major, but it took the support of his DTCC team for him to be sure he made the right choice.

Kick Start Your Career

More Than “Just the Intern”

Thanks to a “happy accident” when she was 14, Michelle was able to identify her career path at an early age.

Kick Start Your Career Banner

Discovering the Leader Within

One experience changed the outlook of Tara’s career path. Looking to discover her passion, Tara attended an eye-opening event that helped solidify her desire to become a leader.

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