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The Benefits of a Broader Perspective

Nov 6, 2018

The Benefits of a Broader Perspective

As a Network Architect, Stephen P. is responsible for vetting technologies and methodologies to build, maintain and secure the infrastructure that connects DTCC internally, and to its clients.

Stephen has been with the company for 11 years, and when asked, he considers DTCC’s ability to bring different ideas and leadership styles together to produce the best output for our clients and the industry as one of our best assets.

A strong believer in the importance of having management’s guidance and support to deliver the best solutions to our clients, Stephen spoke about why this is not only helpful in safeguarding the industry, but critical to his career development.

Q: How has working at DTCC helped you to grow your career?

Stephen: When I joined DTCC, I was in the Network Support group. Since that time, through my interactions with senior management and my colleagues, I’ve gained valuable insight into different areas of the organization. This has helped me develop my business acumen and better understand the business. I feel empowered and have seen how employees at any level of the organization can drive change, which isn’t always the case in other companies.

Q: Why is having access to senior management critical to employee development?

Stephen: It’s crucial in my opinion because it allows you to get critical, one-on-one feedback on how your actions may impact the organization, and ultimately, the client experience. Partnering with my management, I’ve gained a more holistic view of the challenges our clients face, so I’m better equipped to make more informed decisions.

As an example, I was part of a disaster recovery exercise that DTCC conducts on a regular basis. It was a six-month effort that included collaboration with key executives, each of whom helped our team to understand the scope of the initiative and the importance of the project to the industry. With their support, we were encouraged to seek a resolution and not only meet the regulatory requirements around the exercise, but ultimately improve how the industry operates.

Q: How has this helped you drive positive change for the industry?

Stephen: I’ve really enjoyed working on the network enhancements that we’ve implemented in recent years because we considered different perspectives and opinions when making decisions. With the support of our leadership, we’re able to better understand the objectives behind our assignments and business requirements. Executives can provide a broader perspective that may not be as apparent to team members, which is important when delivering value to our clients.

Q: What makes working at DTCC your ideal workplace?

Stephen: I love the fact that I can work on a variety of technologies with a group of talented and knowledgeable people across offices and job roles. Our workforce includes employees with diverse backgrounds, many of whom have worked in fintech for several years, and others like me who come from non-financial organizations. This diversity enriches collaboration across the organization and supports unique and innovative ways of reaching our goals. In addition, the openness and involvement of senior management helps to drive our efforts to continuously improve the client experience.

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