About the Announcements Overview Page: “Redemptions” Tab

The Announcements Overview page provides you with the ability to see all of your allocations information in one place, across redemption types.

From the menu bar:

  1. Hover over Announcements.

  2. Click Overview.

  3. Click the Redemptions tab.

You can also click Announcements on the Dashboard.



The Announcements Overview page contains quick links to event announcements. You can also access your company’s saved announcement queries, access your own queries, or set important preferences in CA Web from this page.

The table contains event counts for DTC-eligible events. These counts are hyperlinks you can click to view events that fall into each category. There are separate counts for all events and position only events.

The categories on the left divide the announcements by category. They include new events as well as specific changes that have taken place to existing events.

Additionally, warnings are provided for late announcements and presented according to the length of time between their creation and declared payable date.

The columns sort all announcements by event type. Within each event type, announcements for position-only events are listed separately.

See Viewing Announcements for more information.