Diversity & Inclusion

Through its D&I program, DTCC is growing a globally diverse workforce that is fully empowered to contribute to the success of the organization. This includes improving policies, processes and practices in areas such as recruitment, compensation & benefits, training, and senior leadership management.

Diverse organizations outperform non-diverse companies in virtually every metric used, and the changing face of society and our population will continue to be — as it’s always been — a source of strength and dynamism
— Mike Bodson, DTCC President and CEO
Mike Bodson

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Efforts to foster diversity and inclusion internally strengthen our workforce and reinforce DTCC values. This work helps build the organization’s capacity for innovation and agility and will ensure a strong, culturally and behaviourally competent workforce for the future. Read our factsheet to learn more.



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Gender and ethnicity graphs

Gender & Ethnicity

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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Life at DTCC

Achieving Success Through Our Employees

In her years with DTCC, Silvia has taken advantage of all applicable internal programs to develop her skills and grow her career.

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Finding and Maintaining Balance

Jyothi recounts how DTCC's commitment to work-life balance has enabled her to carry out her role and responsibilities at work while ensuring personal and family time.

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The Value of Teamwork

Simon from DTCC London affirms how critical teamwork is in delivering services that benefit our clients and the community.

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Our Employee Resource Groups

Celebrating veterans

Celebrating Veterans at DTCC

DTCC military veteran employees share their experiences on how the skills they've gained in the military is an advantage for the organization.

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Claude Gorham Jr.

Celebrating Veterans at DTCC

Claude Gorham Jr shares how DTCC makes him feel valued in a way he’s never experienced before in his professional career.

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Embracing My Uniqueness

Rholda applauds DTCC's inclusive environment for embracing her unique perspectives and propelling her personal and professional growth.

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Our Management's Commitment

DTCC executives are deeply committed to advancing diversity and inclusion. We’re taking a stand to advocate for, and advance, policies and practices that promote workplaces where the status quo can be challenged, unique perspectives are welcome and unconscious bias is addressed.

Keisha Bell

DTCC’s D&I Journey

Head of Diverse Talent Management and Advancement, Keisha Bell, is prepared to take DTCC's D&I platform to the next level.

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Michael Bodson

Taking the First Step

Mike Bodson, DTCC CEO and President talks about mental health and addiction.

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Michael Bodson

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Our D&I Awards and Recognition


Celebrating Veterans at DTCC

Claude Gorham Jr., DTCC Connectivity Team Lead, Connectivity, Activation and Production Support, shares how DTCC makes him feel valued in a way he’s never experienced before in his professional career.

When I leave my house each morning, I don’t need to hide who I am before I walk into work. I get to be exactly who I am, and I know I have the support of my company and my colleagues. The policies are very clear here, which is important, but it’s the actions we take as a company as well as the partnership of my colleagues that make everyone feel accepted.

Creating the LGBTQ Business Professional Network (BPN) was a big step. Like many firms, we have a lot of support for our Pride Month activities, but what makes DTCC unique is the feeling of inclusion. And the BPN plays a big role in fostering and promoting that culture. As a former co-lead for the BPN for many years and a current member of the BPN’s Steering committee, I’ve taken on the responsibility to give back to my co-workers by increasing knowledge of LGBTQ issues, sharing our experiences and creating a safe place for people who aren’t out at work or who just want to be part of a positive and vibrant community.

One of the most impactful partnerships we’ve developed is with PFLAG, who has helped us foster an inclusive environment by reaching out to the straight community and holding onsite workshops to talk about matters that are often avoided in the workplace, such as transgender issues. There was a lot of uncertainty when we began this outreach, but our colleagues were true to their DTCC values and we were able to break down barriers and build deeper relationships among employees. I’m truly appreciative that I have the opportunity to work here and can act as a force for positive change.

Gender & Ethnicity

Gender and ethnicity stats

Employees volunteering in the community

Growing Stronger Communities

For many patients with terminal illnesses – as well as their families, Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham, UK provides vital medical services and crucial emotional support. Christine L. of DTCC Wrexham is one of several DTCC employees who volunteers at Nightingale House as a way to support the local community.

"In our Wrexham office, employees annually choose three charities they would like to support. Our ability to select a cause that is near and dear to our hearts is important because we’re passionate about neighbors helping neighbors.

There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work.

"We consistently selected Nightingale House Hospice because the work is so meaningful and relatable to our own personal lives and families. Some of our employees have had close relatives who have spent time at Nightingale and they often talk about the high-quality support they and their families have received from the caring staff.

"We do many things to make a difference at Nightingale House and this provides our employees with the opportunity to give back and allow other families to see their loved ones pass away peacefully. During 2018, for instance, we sponsored the annual Nightingale House Color Run, and we also supported two UK-based employees in fundraising activities such as bake sales, pub quizzes, pool tournaments and raffles so they could take part in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to trek The Great Wall of China in support of Nightingale House.

Nursing home

"I love that I get to join with my colleagues to support such a wonderful organization like Nightingale House Hospice as part of my job at DTCC. There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work."

I love that I get to join with my colleagues to support such a wonderful organization like Nightingale House Hospice as part of my job at DTCC. There’s nothing better than giving back to the community where we live and work.

Nightingale House Hospice provides free palliative care services to local patients and their families, along with bereavement support for children and young people.

Employees volunteering to help the environment

Minimizing our Footprint

As a financial technology company, it’s only natural for us to embrace innovation. That includes ways we can become more energy efficient and reduce our environmental impact. Our Workplace Design and Services team has created programs focused on making our operations more sustainable and is committed to identifying ways to use fewer resources like energy, water or paper to minimize our environmental impact and reduce our operating costs.

Our Workplace Design and Services team has created programs focused on making our operations more energy efficient.

In 2018, we continued to research and implement leading technologies and practices, including replacing and upgrading end-of-life equipment, transitioning to LED lighting, and conducting a monthly analysis on our power usage to identify and address better ways for conserving energy. We also pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification – a widely used green building rating system – or the local equivalent at all our global offices, ensuring we use leading sustainability-focused products and processes in our global facilities.

In addition to our internal workplace programs, we also support environmental sustainability and conservation through various initiatives globally.

DTCC's 2018 electricity usage
Seiji K.

Discovering a Passion

After two years with the company, Seiji K., Relationship Manager at DTCC Tokyo, accepted the responsibility to be the site’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambassador. Seiji welcomed this new role and the opportunity to try something new and make a difference. Fast forward five years later, his CSR involvement has allowed him to make a positive impact on his community, the industry and his team. Seiji shared how being a CSR ambassador for the Tokyo office has helped him appreciate and participate in volunteerism, and how the role was instrumental to discovering a hidden passion.

Q: Why is community involvement important to you?

Seiji: Participating in activities where I can give back to the community is something I deeply value. I especially like doing volunteer work that involves children – such as teaching them computer and language skills that will help them in their studies and in their future careers.

By being involved in various CSR activities at DTCC, we have helped our team embody the values that are important to the company. As a global firm, we deeply care about the communities where we operate and CSR opportunities enable us to give back. It also provides the local team with a chance to further strengthen the unity among colleagues.

Seiji K. teaching students

Q: How does being involved in the community benefit DTCC’s clients?

Seiji: Because of our CSR activities, we have the opportunity to meet and work with CSR ambassadors from other financial firms. This also affords the opportunity for us to tell them more about our business. For example, DTCC’s Tokyo office has been participating in financial industry-established marathons since 2015. It’s always good to partner with like-minded firms that prioritize making positive contributions to the community. Through our various CSR activities, we are able to strengthen valuable relationships with our clients because of the special bond we have in participating and organizing such events.

Q: Is there a certain charitable organization that you’ve worked with that you find most fulfilling?

Seiji: We work with an organization that provides free education for children in junior and senior high school who come from low-income or single-parent families. The organization offers free English language lessons to children, something that I believe is important in this interconnected world. I’ve been a part of that program for two and a half years, and this is outside of the CSR ambassador responsibility that I have for DTCC.

Last summer, I organized a student visit to our Tokyo office to educate them about all that we do and provide coaching with their English language skills. The event was such a success that we’ll plan another visit in a few months.

Seiji K. teaching students

Q: How has community involvement helped you in your personal and professional growth?

Seiji: As a CSR ambassador, I have been able to gain skills in planning, communicating and organizing CSR events and activities for our Tokyo office.

At the same time, the role has made a significant impact on my life in ways that I never considered just five years ago. Volunteering has helped me become a better and more confident leader, while making a difference within our community. I’m grateful for this opportunity the company has trusted me with. It has helped me acquire new skills and discover my passion for giving back.


Empowering the Youth of Today Through Community Involvement

James A. La Russo, GOCS Securities Processing Lead Specialist and CSR Ambassador, DTCC Jersey City, started his CSR journey three decades ago. He was identified by Jill Considine, former CEO of DTCC, as one of the 16 employee members in the first Diversity Council within DTCC, which eventually led to the formation of DTCC's Business Professional Networks (BPNs). At that time, he was already involved with United Way, and now has been a United Way Captain for more than 30 years.

Moving forward to 2019, La Russo is the only original member of the Diversity Council still with DTCC. Apart from United Way, he also formed strong relationships with the Hudson Pride Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County, the Hudson Shelter, the Imperial Court of New York and God's Love We Deliver. He has also hosted annual events at DTCC such as the DTCC Breast Cancer Awareness event and the Pancreatic Cancer event which raised lots of funds over the years. To date, La Russo has helped raise and matched funds in DTCC over the years with Annual Pride kick -off fundraisers and Celebration for the Youth Prom and Scholarship Fund of Hudson Pride Center amounting to more than $50,000.

In this article, La Russo talks about his CSR journey at DTCC.

Tell us about your CSR story?

I've been the Treasurer for the DTCC LGBTA BPN for the last seven or eight years, doing all the budget work and hosting events. At the same time, I'm the CSR Ambassador for DTCC Jersey City and we organize a lot of CSR events such as fundraisers and blood drives. We also bring in speakers to educate audiences in diversity training.

One of the events that we support annually is the Hudson Pride Center, specifically their youth program. This is an initiative very close to me because when I was growing up there was never a safe spot where we can be our authentic selves. I did not attend my own high school prom back then because there was no safe place for us or organizations that would welcome and accept us. Hudson County's youth program creates that safe place for teenagers to be their true selves without worrying if they'll get harassed. For five or six years, we have been supporting their program by organizing fundraisers and hosting annual prom events for their youth who can't go to their own proms because of fear of being bullied or lack of money. It's important for me to create that safe place for the youth in my community who need it.

We also organize office tours for them and they get to see that regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, a steady and successful career in finance is possible. We provide them with a chance to dream big – go to college, have a career – and an opportunity to be who they want to be or be better.

Because of the work that we do, I know I'm securing the future of my community by empowering the youth of today.

How has your experience in CSR helped you advance in your career?

Not only with my CSR ambassador experience but being an active participant in employee activities in general has tremendously advanced my career. I got to know more people in the organization since I'm their go-to person when it comes to setting up events in the Jersey City office. I've learned how to organize events and overall, I'm a better communicator because of it.

Why do you think employees should take the time to volunteer?

Volunteering is very rewarding. I'm very fortunate to have the support of DTCC to make smart use of my time in order to give back. When you give back, the rewards are much better. It gives me a lot of happiness and joy, knowing that I helped somebody and do something that will positively impact our community, now and in the future.

Employees at a food drive

Ripples of Positive Impact

Clare Alcantara is a Capacity Planning Manager for ITP and Automation and has worked for DTCC in Manila for five years. From the beginning, Clare has led her colleagues at DTCC Manila to give back because she believes that a small act can have a big impact.

Clare has had a life-long commitment to volunteerism and has been heavily engaged in high school and college which led to the Manila CSR Ambassador role she has held for the last three years.

During that time, Clare and the local CSR team has expanded the volunteer activity options of Manila employees (blood drives, tree planting, back-to-school programs and child sponsorship activities, etc.); all of which has created a strong sense of community and purpose.

This was best exemplified earlier this year when DTCC Manila employees cleaned and refurbished the school Clare attended when she was a child. Seeing the generosity, kindness and enthusiasm of the Manila employee base to give back to her former school was very rewarding for Clare.

Clare AlcantaraClare Alcantara

Clare was the beneficiary of volunteers and sponsors throughout her academic career and has always felt the responsibility of giving back and has been financially supporting a child for three years through an organization named World Vision.

Very recently, Clare received the great news that the family of the child that she has been supporting is now self-sufficient. She attests that it’s very humbling and fulfilling to know that they are now above the poverty line because of the small contribution she made over the years.

Clare explained that the joy of giving back is a two-way street and has given her so much in return. She believes and is a witness that generosity, kindness and enthusiasm can ripple out and positively impact the people in the community and beyond.