business continuity management

DTCC's Business Continuity Management (BCM) Group launched BCM 3.0 in 2013 – the most comprehensive and expansive continuity plan in the organization's 40-year history. The program is designed to bridge potential gaps between people, locations and technology by focusing on the functionality between them in situations that threaten business operations in all DTCC areas of operation.

In 2013, DTCC deployed the first phase of BCM 3.0, known as Resilience 1. This initiative brings together granular information on asset dependencies at the product and support unit levels for all asset types, including people, places and technology. This comprehensive resource, which replaced a more narrow tool concentrated just on disaster recovery, significantly enhances DTCC's capabilities by supporting increased continuity of all functionalities and creates the highest level of resilience for the organization to date.

DTCC also re-envisioned its disaster planning in 2013 by implementing integrated planning exercises in which plausible scenarios were used to stress people and places and required teams to recover technology by working in collaboration with non-impacted employees globally.