Corporate Social Responsibility

DTCC employees are dedicated to enriching the local communities where we are located by volunteering our time and providing financial support to many important organizations and causes.


advancingstem education

DTCC partnered with Change the Equation – an organization that works at the intersection of business and education – and has joined their pledge to support education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Employees in 13 Change the Equation partner companies will donate more than 100,000 hours of skills-based training to ensure that the future workforce is STEM literate.

90volunteer events in 2015

Throughout the year, employees partnered with local non-profit organizations and held 90 volunteer/community events, mentoring school kids, building houses, serving meals, planting gardens and beautifying community centers to benefit local communities. In June, we organized our first-ever Global Volunteer Month, with employees in 10 offices teaming up with their colleagues to promote volunteerism. DTCC partners with many charities, as selected by each location, including Habitat for Humanity and the Newham All-Star Sports Academy, among many others organizations aligned with our CSR focus on Education, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability.

Mobilizing Senior Leadership

DTCC held a volunteer day for Managing Directors in which more than 50 of DTCC’s most-senior executives donated their time and support at New York City Public School 20. Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the school serves children in kindergarten through 5th grade where more than 90% of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

corporate giving

Corporate Giving Reaches US$366,000

DTCC’s total corporate donations reached US$366,000 in 2015, which includes US$50,000 in employee contributions to select charitable organizations that align with our CSR focus on Education, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability. In addition, DTCC provided grant awards totaling US$8,500 to organizations with the most volunteer hours, including Caia Park (UK), The Virlanie Foundation (The Philippines), and Hand in Hand (India) to assist people around the globe.

disaster relief

responding toglobal crises

DTCC contributed to three giving programs related to disaster relief in 2015 to support those negatively impacted by crisis situations across the globe. The causes included the earthquake in Nepal, Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the devastating flooding in Chennai.

strategy and thought leadership

White House Workshop on Advancing STEM Education

In 2015, DTCC participated in a White House workshop and brainstorming session to address the role of business in advancing STEM education. The best ideas generated in the workshop were presented at the White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools in November.

Senior Leadership Commitment

Michael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO, was featured in The Corporate Citizen magazine’s, "From the Corner Office," highlighting the importance of advancing efforts in Education, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability.