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To access ETF resources, login to the DTCC Learning Center site to view the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) section. To get the most out of the Learning Center, take a quick tour by viewing the interactive Learning Center Navigation Guide.

If you have issues logging in or need further assistance, contact DTCC Client Support by calling 1 888–382–2721 and following the prompt for product support. You can also contact your DTCC Relationship Manager or obtain general assistance by visiting the DTCC Client Center.

Additional Resources

  • FPO

    ETF Processing

    DTCC's ETF processing automates the creation and redemption of ETF shares and their subsequent settlement with improved efficiencies and risk controls. Learn more!

  • News

    Read the latest news updates about Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), a security that trades on an exchange as an equity. Visit the website for more details on ETF processing.

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  • Legal

    Download legal information about the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Processing in the form of notices, by-laws, rules and procedures. Learn more about its benefits.

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