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Data is power. Drive your market analysis with DTCC Kinetics, a powerful suite of cross-asset data sources. Our Kinetics products offer market insights at the security level across equities, derivatives, and fixed income securities. Our trade activity-based data solutions can help power your risk and investment strategy decisions.

Whether you are trying to derive new market signals, refine your risk factors, more efficiently compile broad market aggregates, or enhance your price discovery, our suite of subscription-based crossasset data insights can help meet your needs.


Asset Classes



Attain multiple perspectives on the global equities market which may help you inform your investment strategies, refine your market positions and outperform market benchmarks. Keep your finger on the pulse of shifting sentiment and concentration of trades of U.S. and global equities across the buy- and sell-side. Gain a view on the short-term obligations and access insights on the health of an equity issuer.



Timely insights on the fixed income market activity you need. Better understand activity and quickly refine your investment strategy. DTCC gives you access to comprehensive institutional buy-side data covering fixed income markets with global coverage to help you proactively determine trends and the value of securities. Understand the shortterm fixed income market in terms of inventory, rates, and activity.



Improve your view of the credit default swap market. Develop and monitor factors or signals to support your investment strategies including evaluating the timing and relativevalue opportunities among many securities across industries and geographies Determine relative value between credit default swaps (CDS) and other correlation instruments such as indexes, options, tranches, and credit ETFs.

The DTCC Difference

The largest depository in the world and the primary infrastructure in the U.S. for clearing, settlement, and asset servicing. The premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry with more than 50 years of experience. A leading service provider to the financial markets and a trusted primary source for post-trade data.

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See Our Data in Action

Our complimentary snapshots can help you keep a pulse on the markets. Analyze timely insights, test your hypotheses, and build models to extract signals that can amplify your investment strategy

CDS Kinetics Insights

Provides-access to the most extensive consolidated set of global CDS data and in-depth understanding of liquidity and transparency of CDS on indexes, corps, sovereign, tranches, agencies, municipal, and loans.

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Equity Kinetics Insights

Offers users insights into market movements with our consolidated and aggregated U.S. equities market data.

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Money Market Insights

Helps firms understand short-term buying or selling risk. Money-Market investors can link and monitor spikes in commercial paper (CP) and institutional certificates of deposit (CD) with our secondary settlement transactions data.

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