CA 20022 Service

DTCC’s CA 20022 Service utilizes Corporate Action Identifier and the ISO 20022 common messaging language to deliver near-real-time messaging on corporate action announcements for 1.3 million active security issues.


The DTCC CA 20022 Service vastly improves operational efficiency and reduces errors in processing critical events by using Corporate Action ID and ISO 20022 common messaging to deliver near-real-time messaging on U.S. corporate actions, including for American Depositary Receipts. Corporate Action ID, a DTCC innovation, assigns a unique identifier to each event. DTCC, one of the world’s first companies to adopt ISO 20022 messaging for corporate actions, has worked with its clients and the industry as a whole to create a mature and efficient flow of information.

The DTCC CA 20022 Service provides notifications for:

  • Distributions – including cash and stock dividends, principal and interest payments, and capital gain distributions
  • Redemptions – including full and partial calls, final paydowns, and maturities
  • Reorganizations – including exchange offers, conversions, and Dutch Auctions




Annual Maintenance Process
Easily address changing business needs that require modification to message standards.
CA Identifier
Increase operational efficiency by automatically tracking the lifecycle of an event with improved traceability.
Consolidated Source
Save time by receiving comprehensive and consolidated data without having to go to multiple sources such as custodians and issuers.
Dynamic Model
Ensure a systematic approach to compliance with market practices when business needs change.
Schema Validation
Increase data reliability through verification of populated values.
Reverse Engineered
Employ compatibility with ISO 15022.
Decipherable XML code
Easily view and understand ISO 20022 messages with the straightforward interface.
Data mapping and research
Align ISO 20022 XML code with your event view in the CA Web browser.
Extended Data Elements
Achieve greater accuracy and reduce processing risk by having more comprehensive and granular data elements.
ISO 20022 Standard
Improve integration and interoperability with other data providers (e.g., custodians and vendors).


  • DTC-eligible corporate action announcement XML data in ISO20022 Standard


DTCC CA 20022 Service provides announcement data for approximately 1.3 million DTC-eligible securities. The announcement types covered include, among others:

How It Works

  • DTC receives corporate action announcement data from issuers and agents.
  • DTC assigns a unique identifier to each announcement.
  • DTC disseminates announcement data to users in near-real time.
  • Issuers’ designated agents work with DTC on an ongoing basis to update announcement data.
  • Updates are incorporated into the event information and a complete audit trail of changes is maintained.
  • DTC disseminates updated announcement data to users in near-real time or as needed.


  • Near-real time
  • Configurable Up to 16 time slices throughout the day
  • End-of-day 8:00PM ET
  • Protocol: MQ
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