Equity Benchmark Kinetics

DTCC's Equity Benchmark Kinetics facilitates performance analysis of U.S. equity trading, by providing a daily, multi-perspective data feed for activity that clears through DTCC’s National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) subsidiary.


By leveraging DTCC's unique perspective on trading volumes in the U.S. equities markets, firms can now analyze their performance over time and in comparison to the overall market. The service now offers reporting to enable this kind of consolidated data access. DTCC's Equity Benchmark Kinetics produces multiple data perspectives that can help firms track and enhance their performance in today’s markets.

DTCC’s central source for firm-specific data and anonymous market aggregates provides a contextual market view whereby a firm can see its aggregate trading volumes in daily time periods by security type and compare its trading volumes over the same time periods with those of defined market peer groups, the most active brokers, or the entire market.




Authoritative source
Access at-source data on trading volumes to improve your understanding of your position in the equity market.
Firm-specific data
Track your firm’s aggregate trading volumes through daily feeds. Historical data from January 2, 2013 is also available via a one-time delivery.
Consolidated feed
View firm-specific and market aggregate content that can enrich your internal systems or intelligence gathering to meet your particular needs.
Contextual data
Benchmark your firm’s aggregate trading volumes against those of a defined peer group, the most active brokers, or the entire market.


  • Daily delivery of prior day trading volumes.


  • Coverage based on subscriber activity for all NSCC-eligible equities.

How It Works

DTCC Data Services enriches and aggregates data representing all NSCC trading volumes for equities trades in the U.S.


Firm-specific and aggregated data content is distributed before 8:00AM ET on the next business day. Historical data (from January 2, 2013) is available via a one-time delivery.

  • Over the Internet via SFTP
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