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Distributed ledger technology or the Blockchain has the potential to address certain limitations of the current post-trade process.

We also recognize that distributed ledger technology may not be the solution to every problem. In some cases, alternative opportunities are available to lower the costs and risks. 

Consistent with our mission to stand at the forefront of innovation to mitigate risk, improve market efficiencies, and reduce costs, we are well placed to work with the industry to find the best way forward with this emerging technology.

Distributed Ledger Technology Explained
Download DTCC’s White Paper, "Embracing Disruption: Tapping the Potential for Distributed Ledgers to Improve the Post-Trade Landscape" – to uncover the potential and limitations of distributed ledgers now.

The simplified Chinese version of the white paper is available for download here.

DTCC’s Distributed Ledgers Activities
To find out how DTCC drives the advancement of distributed ledgers, please visit our resource page for more information.