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DTCC Commemorates Five Years in Tampa

Eric Miller, DTCC managing director and head of the Southern Business Center (SBC), was one of the speakers at DTCC’s anniversary event. “Let me emphasize that we take our civic and humanitarian responsibilities as seriously as we do our business responsibilities,” he said. “I have called Tampa my home for 18 years. It is where my daughter was born and where my wife and I are raising our two children. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with each of you for years to come.”

DTCC is owned by its member firms and operates on an at-cost basis; therefore, its philanthropy takes the form of tangible community support and employee contributions to non-profit organizations.

“When it comes to our commitment to community, we have been active participants and contributors. We have been good citizens who are actively engaged in our schools and neigh-borhoods, building foundations, making connections and making a difference for our community’s future,” said Miller.

Walking the talk

During 2009, some 240 SBC employees volunteered across 10 different community events. That same year, DTCC’s Tampa-based employees donated more than $100,000 to the United Way of Tampa Bay, making it one of the top-10 financial companies contributing to the region and the recipient of United Way’s “Spirit of Tampa Bay Award.”

“In this year’s campaign, our employees have been even more generous,” said Donald F. Donahue, DTCC chairman and CEO. “They have topped last year’s $100,000 mark, donating more than $116,000. This is what people do when they live in a community that has been so hospitable and welcoming. We help each other out, especially when the economy is down and times are hard.”