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by Craig Donner

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  • DTCC COO Michael Bodson joined the ranks of the Washington, D.C., blogging community with an April 1 posting on The Hill’s Congress blog. His commentary, “Getting financial reform right,” shared insights from the recent forum on safety and liquidity in the swaps market under Dodd-Frank. (See article, page 10.) Bodson’s foray into social media extended coverage of the forum to a broader audience, allowing DTCC to deliver information directly to policymakers involved in the debate over financial reform.

    The Hill is a Capitol Hill-based newspaper and website that is read by members of Congress, congressional staffers, administration officials, lobbyists and organizations conducting business in Washington, D.C. Regular contributors to the blog include senators, members of Congress (including the Speaker of the House), governors and policy experts.

    DTCC’s blog posting represents another element of DTCC’s ongoing public affairs strategy in Washington, D.C., which is focused on enhancing awareness and understanding of DTCC and the important role the infrastructure can play in a new regulatory environment. @