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2011 Annual Report

DTCC’s 2011 annual report is available in print and digital formats. The online version includes video interviews with DTCC executives and links to online resources that are not part of the print edition.

This annual report focuses considerable attention on DTCC’s risk management organization and capabilities, in addition to the company’s audited financial statements and a summary of the year’s key accomplishments by DTCC businesses.

“The disclosures we provide around risk management are greatly expanded from prior years,” noted Michael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO-elect. “We expect our clients will want to read and absorb this information and we look forward to hearing their feedback.”

The report defines DTCC’s risk management objectives, identifies the key risks the company faces, details the governance structure of DTCC’s risk management organization and describes the company’s “three lines of defense” approach to managing risks, among other information. This report is intended to serve as a valuable resource for DTCC’s clients and supervisors.

To access the annual report online, go to To order a print copy, please send a request to Lorna Helwig at