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How Citadel Uses Universal Trade Capture


DTCC’s Universal Trade Capture (UTC) delivers risk reduction, cost savings and standardization by streamlining the way U.S. equity trade data is captured and distributed during the clearance process. Launched in early 2011, UTC provides customers with the ability to unify the processing of trades executed in the various market venues, which helps strengthen their internal risk management processes and increase overall market efficiency.

UTC offers standardized message-based output as a FIX standard message using MQ or via FIX, the new universal input engine. UTC is able to accept, process and provide output in both the new format as well as in the legacy formats used by NSCC members and marketplaces. To support maximum flexibility in allowing firms to convert to FIX, users have the option to migrate to the new universal format on their own schedule.

About Citadel LLC

Established in 1990, Citadel is a leading global financial institution with a diverse business platform built on a foundation of world-class talent, technology and infrastructure. From proven asset management strategies to a strong capital markets platform, Citadel converts opportunity into results.

Citadel operates in the world’s major financial centers including Chicago, New York, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston and Dallas.