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by Robin Shapiro

DTCC’s information service for annuities, a robust database of processed annuity and life insurance transactions, now has expanded research capabilities.

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Insurance Company Data

The service, called Analytic Reporting for Annuities, allows users to mine a database of actual annuity transactions to gain insights into their businesses and the entire U.S. market for these products. The latest enhancements strengthen the service’s research and analysis options, providing additional tools to identify business trends and opportunities.

“Our clients use Analytic Reporting to evaluate their business and gather overall industry intelligence, which can give them a competitive advantage in making decisions about sales, marketing and product offerings,” said Adam Bryan, DTCC Managing Director and General Manager, Insurance & Retirement Services. “We worked closely with the industry to develop the service and built in rigorous controls to safeguard the confidentiality of the data and ensure the highest standards from a privacy perspective.”

Analytic Reporting, launched in June 2011, is offered by DTCC’s Insurance & Retirement Services (I&RS).

Sourcing the data
Analytic Reporting gives users access to aggregated annuity transaction data, providing a view into annuity cash flows – inflows, outflows and net flows – processed by DTCC. Firms that are DTCC members can also analyze their own business performance, perform benchmarking, conduct analyses and run reports.

The data, updated monthly, is based on the annuity transactions processed by I&RS, the central messaging connection for annuity and life insurance trans-actions in the U.S.

I&RS processes approximately 150 million transactions each month and, in 2011, processed $156 billion of annuity transactions in 3,000-plus products for over 100 insurance company participants and 130 broker/dealers.

Leap forward
“Because DTCC is uniquely positioned to aggregate real transactional data for annuities, we can give clients a comprehensive view of up-to-date market activity,” said Andrew Blumberg, who leads the Analytic Reporting initiative for I&RS. “In the past, industry participants tended to rely on survey data, so this service marks a leap forward – and we offer it at a highly competitive cost.”

When firms have access to the data, it allows their sales, marketing, product development, research, compliance and regulatory professionals to better assess their business and gain the industry intelligence needed for informed decision-making, according to Leonard Schmitt, DTCC Group Director, I&RS.

Enhancements meet industry needs
DTCC developed Analytic Reporting by working closely with the insurance industry. An Analytic Reporting Advisory Group, representing multiple disciplines, guided the initiative and continues to provide input on enhancements.

In September, Analytic Reporting added a new “research role” portal that enables users to view and analyze market information in greater detail than before. This capability is included as part of DTCC’s service to members and available to non-members via subscription.

In October, DTCC rolled out an enhancement that allows member firms to conduct targeted territory analyses, using any ZIP code or combination of ZIP codes. The territory management enhancement helps users:

  • Ascertain their market share and ranking in specific geographic markets;
  • Focus on areas where the most business activity is taking place;
  • Target their marketing and sales efforts;
  • Track the success of their campaigns;
  • Identify trends such as why more annuity business is occurring in a particular area or whether distribution networks are being optimized.

Appetite for data
“The thing about data is that the more you get, the more you want, and because DTCC has massive amounts of data from the annuity industry and operates on an at-cost basis, Analytic Reporting can offer clients highly competitive pricing for this view into real market activity,” observed Schmitt. “Nowhere else can you access this type of transactional data for annuities.”@

[For more information about the Analytic Reporting service and a demonstration, visit or contact your Relationship Manager.]