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By Philip C. Ballard

DTCC President and CEO Ranks in Top Half of Financial Technology ExecutivesMichael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO

Michael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO, ranks 18th among top leaders in global financial markets, according to Institutional Investor’s “2013 Tech 50: Masters of a Volatile Universe.” Institutional Investor’s annual ranking recognizes the top 50 executives in financial technology.

This year’s ranking announcement falls near Bodson’s one-year anniversary as CEO. “August 1, 2012 was memorable not only because it was my first day without the previous CEO Don Donahue present, but my morning began with the Knight Capital market event. We worked very closely with Knight, our regulators and other industry participants during those first few hours, as well as for several days after, to bring stability to the financial system and protect DTCC and our clients from any potential losses,” said Bodson.

Up Three Spots

Bodson rose three spots from his 2012 ranking, in part, because of DTCC’s innovative work in preventing future systemic breakdowns as described in its recent white paper and his leadership during Hurricane Sandy.

DTCC’s business continuity capabilities were tested when Hurricane Sandy flooded DTCC’s downtown Manhattan headquarters, including DTCC’s physical stock certificate vault, and shut down DTCC’s primary Manhattan data center.

DTCC President and CEO Ranks in Top Half Financial Technology Executives“From a business continuity planning perspective, virtually every facet of our response was flawless. Our backup sites maintained full operational processing capability and we returned to business as usual very quickly, without negatively impacting our clients,” said Bodson. “This response during an unprecedented natural disaster reinforced DTCC’s reputation for resilience, reliability and stability among our clients and regulators.”

Other noteworthy achievements to the Institutional Investor editors and staff, who weighed nominations and input from industry participants and experts, was DTCC’s pending merger of its EuroCCP subsidiary with European Multilateral Clearing Facility, historically a competitor, and a joint collateral-processing partnership with Euroclear.

According to Institutional Investor, the Tech 50 ranking used four sets of attributes to create this year’s ranking to include: achievements and contributions over the course of a career; scope and complexity of responsibilities; influence and leadership inside and outside the organization; and pure technological innovation.

“I’m humbled to be among this list of leaders in financial technology and innovation. I share this honor with the extraordinary team of dedicated professionals at DTCC who are a driving force in developing innovative solutions to address the top challenges facing our clients, said Bodson.