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Exciting changes are happening at DTCC as we get set to launch our redesigned corporate web-site and new digital external publication in the coming weeks.

The updated website is one of the most prominent and high profile elements in the rollout of DTCC’s new brand strategy, which we unveiled in March at our annual Executive Forum client event. Since then, we have been incorporating elements of the new brand, including our updated logo and positioning statement -- Securing Today. Shaping Tomorrow. -- into our external communications. With the launch of the website, clients and other stakeholders will have the ability to engage with DTCC on a deeper level and develop a more thorough understanding of the organization and the critical role we play in protecting the stability and integrity of global financial markets.

With an average of 5,000 visitors each business day, is one of our key touch points with clients and also the primary communications channel we use for engaging with stakeholders on the most important issues facing the global financial services industry.

The new site was developed over the past year following extensive research with our clients and other stakeholders, and I am delighted that we were able to incorporate much of your feedback into the architecture and design. For example, we heard from you that you want to get news and information in a more efficient, compelling and convenient manner. So we put a great deal of time and energy into making the site more intuitive and user-friendly, with improved navigation, refined search capabilities and better content organization.

One of the biggest enhancements you’ll notice is that the site incorporates the latest technology so that we can fully leverage multimedia content to get you the news you need in the format you prefer.

As part of the launch of the website, we are also making changes to @dtcc -- our long-time hardcopy publication for clients. The digital age requires us to adapt to the evolving needs of our stakeholders, and that means recognizing that many of you now consume news via digital and mobile channels rather than in print. So beginning in September, we are discontinuing the monthly print version of @dtcc and replacing it with a real-time news stream that delivers information to you as it happens. This move also creates exciting opportunities for us to tell our story in a more compelling way through the use of video, audio podcasts, infographics and links to related multimedia content. And to make sure you keep on top of the latest developments, we’ll be compiling this information into a new monthly e-newsletter that will be delivered right to your inbox.

In addition, we’ll also be unveiling new hardcopy and digital publications in the near future that leverage our thought leadership in order to help lead, drive and shape the global debate on issues facing the industry.

In many ways, the new web site and publication reinforce DTCC’s growing reputation for innovation and thought leadership. We intend to use these channels to enhance our collaboration with clients and also solicit your input on matters related to mitigating risk, reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiencies.

I encourage you to take a moment to visit to acquaint yourself with the new design and all the site has to offer when it is unveiled in the coming weeks. And while you are there, please remember to visit the new @dtcc and sign up for the free RSS feed. We look forward to your feedback and to partnering with you in the future. @