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The landscape of the alternatives marketplace has been on the rise as investors aim to diversify their assets and navigate more complex risk profiles. DTCC’s Wealth Management Services (WMS) group is supporting this growth by revamping three client committees within its Alternative Investment Products (AIP) service to focus on bringing a greater variety of influencers to the decision making table from firms across the industry.

Charged with guiding and gaining consensus on growth strategy, the first group comprises the newly re-formed Executive Advisory Board (EAB). This committee includes approximately 25 senior-level executives from across all client types – fund administrators, broker dealers, custodians and funds. A second group, the AIP Roundtable, with approximately 75 members, focuses on tactical decision-making related to implementing the strategies formed by the EAB. Last, Subcommittees have been formed to work out the details involved in executing the plans established by the two other groups. All three groups are unified around the goal of achieving sustainable industry adoption of AIP.

The restructured EAB has met twice in 2014 to discuss the state of the alternatives marketplace and how it impacts the AIP platform. Members also addressed the surge in volumes and the group’s next move to adopt order processing across additional alternative asset classes. Through their work thus far, members have voiced positive sentiments and pledged commitment to AIP’s path to success.

Similarly, the Roundtable committee has discussed future opportunities related to improving methods for share transfers, redemption processing and transmitting subscription documents.

The value of standardization has been widely agreed upon, as well as the need to educate alternatives colleagues in the industry about AIP and the benefits it renders.

Ann Bergin, Managing Director and General Manager, Wealth Management Services, reflected on the establishment of AIP’s new support system saying, “For DTCC, collaboration is integral to all that we do. The industry experts we have brought together through these committees can change the face of this market, and our expectation is that this can accomplish our collective goals for sustainable growth together.”

The next EAB meeting is scheduled for December 2.