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Michael Bodson, President and CEO of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), and Christine Cumming, COO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will deliver a joint keynote speech on the importance and benefits of collaboration among securities market infrastructures at Sibos 2014 Boston.

In addition to Bodson, a group of DTCC executives will also have speaking roles at the annual conference, which takes place September 29 to October 2. (Click here to view the complete Sibos 2014 conference program)

The Sibos conference brings together an audience of experts from financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners. The event features more than 100 conference sessions and nearly 200 exhibitors.

“The Sibos conference provides an excellent opportunity for DTCC to deepen its engagement with clients and the international finance community,” said Bodson. “This collaboration is important in helping us identify industry trends and establishing priorities to address the top challenges facing firms during this period of financial transformation.”

Multiple Conference Panels

Donna Milrod, DTCC Chief Administrative Officer, will take part in the “Market infrastructure resiliency” session, examining the potential benefits of collaboration among financial market infrastructures (FMIs) for resiliency planning. (Suggested reading – DTCC Taking a Proactive Approach to R&R Planning)

In addition, Mark Jennis, DTCC Managing Director, Collateral Management -- Strategy and Business Development, will take part in two sessions focused on collateral.

The first, “The evolving collateral challenge – where will it end?” will cover global regulatory reforms and the impact those reforms are having on managing, mobilizing and transforming collateral. (Suggested reading - DTCC’s white paper “Trends, Risks and Opportunities in Collateral Management”)

The second session, “Can standards take the pressure out of collateral management?”, will focus on initiatives to improve automation, streamline processes and increase transparency in collateral management.

Daniel Thieke, DTCC Managing Director, General Manager, Settlement and Asset Services, will join two panels focusing on corporate actions processing.

During the first session, “A global view of the transformation in corporate actions processing – an update from DTCC and the Industry,” Thieke will describe DTCC’s new corporate actions data model. (Suggested reading – “DTCC Preparing to Transition Clients to the Corporate Actions Web”)

During the second session, “Standards directions: what if…? Scenario planning to shape the standards future together,” Thieke and his fellow panelists will engage the audience in identifying hurdles, perspectives, requirements and opportunities related to standards.

DTCC executives and subject matter experts will be available at exhibit stand D10 to meet with clients through the conference, including Marisol Collazo, Managing Director and U.S. CEO, DTCC Data Repository; Neil Henderson, Managing Director, Product and North America Industry Relations, Omgeo; Bill Hodash, Managing Director, Strategy and Business Development; Ron Jordan, Managing Director and Chief Data Officer; Matt Stauffer, CEO, Clarient Global LLC; and Relationship Management executives Sheldon Warrick of Omgeo and Lorraine Oler.