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Top 15 Index Graph 01302015

Top 15 Single Name Graph 01302015


To access the data in DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse, click here.

DTCC updates the information every Tuesday after 5:00 p.m. ET (2200 GMT). The data available consists of 25 downloadable tables, divided into four sections.

  • Section I (Tables 1-8): data on all live positions in the Warehouse as of specified dates. For example, Table 6 lists the top 1,000 reference entities by gross and net notional values, and includes each entity’s sector, region and number of contracts.
  • Section II (Tables 9-16): the change in gross notional, net notional and contracts outstanding from the prior week.
  • Section III (Tables 17-23): information on all transaction activity, such as new trades, assignments and terminations that were confirmed within the specified week reflecting an increase or decrease in overall positions.
  • Section IV (Tables IVa-IVb): weekly “market risk transfer activity” resulting in a change in the market risk position of market participants. Transaction types include new trades between two parties, a termination of an existing transaction or the assignment of an existing transaction to a third party. Table IVa tracks single-name activity and Table IVb tracks index activity.