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New Automated Balances Report Available for ClientsThe Depository Trust Company & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) recently introduced an automated process to provide clients with reports containing information on settlement transactions and net settlement balances.

The data files, the DTC End of Day Transactional File and the DTC and NSCC Intra day Settlement Balance File, were previously only available by manually copying data from the Settlement Web and PBS / PTS screens. The data files are available to clients for a monthly fee.

“This initiative is in response to industry requests to provide data reporting and transparency, which will ultimately help clients respond to their regulator requests,” said Bob Cavallo, DTCC Director, Settlement and Asset Services. “We assessed our clients’ needs and determined it was a natural fit for DTCC to provide this information to our clients by creating these two new files.”

The DTC End of Day Transactional File provides clients with a daily extract of settled transactional information, by collateral group, including Memo Seg transactions. The file contains specific data points such as clients’ Collateral Monitor Balance, ID Net Collateral Monitor Balance, Simulated Collateral Monitor Balance, Net Settlement Balance, ID Net Settlement Balance and Net Debit Cap. All of the transactions in this file also contain a timestamp when the transaction was processed.

The Settlement Balance File provides detailed settlement balances for clients’ individual DTC and NSCC activity at a legal entity, client and collateral group level.

The DTC End of Day Transactional File is available to clients daily, as an end-of-day file, for $200 monthly. The DTC and NSCC Settlement Balance files are offered via a daily feed, and are available both intraday and as an end-of-day file, for $400 monthly. Both files are an optional, add-on service.

The End of Day Transactional File and DTC Settlement Balance File are available exclusively through DTC to DTC Participants as part of its Settlement Service. The NSCC Settlement Balance File is also available exclusively through DTC to common members of DTC and NSCC through DTC’s Settlement Service and is not a service offering of NSCC.

DTC published an important notice in June regarding these files: