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The frenzy around Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is unprecedented. Is it a disruptive force on the verge of replacing legacy infrastructures or will the technology produce only marginal impacts in the short-term?

While the current financial market infrastructure provides safe, seamless and efficient processing, it has certain limitations that can be modernized by distributed ledgers. In the first of a new three-part video series from The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Bob Garrison, DTCC Chief Information Officer, explains that understanding the technological complexities of the financial services industry is crucial to determining how distributed ledger technology can be integrated into the current post-trade fabric.

Blockchain Video Series Part 2

DTCC Blockchain Video Series, Part 2: Murray Pozmanter, DTCC Managing Director, Head of Clearing Agency Services and Global Operations and Client Services, reveals how DTCC is collaborating with industry participants to identify opportunities for leveraging distributed ledgers to enhance the current clearing and settlement processing platform.

Blockchain Video Series 3

DTCC Blockchain Video Series, Part 3: Mark Wetjen, Managing Director, Head of Global Public Policy, explains that there is enormous interest among regulators in understanding the technology, how it works and how it fits into the current regulatory framework that has been crafted over many decades.

For more information: DTCC Drives Advancement of Distributed Ledgers: DTCC’s blockchain web site is your comprehensive resource for information on this emerging technology.