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Congressional Testimony

Mark G. Clancy, Chief Executive Officer, Soltra | June 15, 2016

On June 15th, Mark Clancy, CEO of Soltra, testified before Congress at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing titled “Oversight of The Cybersecurity Act (CISA) of 2015”. As the sole witness representing the financial services industry, Clancy focused his testimony on the progress that has been made towards improving cyber threat information sharing between public and private sectors and among private sector entities. Clancy also highlighted the role of Soltra, DTCC’s joint venture with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) in improving the quality, speed and volume of information sharing across the financial industry and other critical infrastructure sectors. Since the passage of CISA in late 2015, Soltra has occupied a unique space in this ecosystem, operating as one of the few organizations connected to the Department of Homeland Security’s Automated Indicator Sharing  (AIS) platform, which facilitates the exchange of cyber threat indicators between the Federal Government and the private sector.

Download the Congressional Testimony: Written Testimony of Mr. Mark G. Clancy, Chief Executive Officer, Soltra, Before the Committee on Homeland Security, United States House of Representatives, “Oversight of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015” 


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