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Featuring industry thought leaders, technology experts and policy makers, the 2016 DTCC Blockchain Symposium will feature panel discussions about the business applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for financial market infrastructures and the industry. The event, which is nearly sold out, will be held on Tuesday, March 29 at the Grand Hyatt New York.

Blythe Masters, CEO, Digital Asset Holdings, and Michael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO, will participate in a “fireside chat” during which they’ll discuss their visions of the future of blockchain. J. Christopher Giancarlo, Commissioner, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, will give a special address on the regulatory and risk challenges of blockchain technology.

“The Symposium offers a venue for key stakeholders to gather and cut through the hype and discuss the real potential for blockchain,” said Bodson. “Collaboration among financial marketplace participants and regulators is critical to understanding the role distributed ledger technology can play in modernizing the existing financial industry infrastructure.”

Session titles include:

  • What’s Real & What’s Hype: Seeking Answers to the Big Questions about the Blockchain.
  • How Do We Get From Today to Tomorrow: Building the Roadmap for Blockchain Industry Collaboration on Standards, Protocols & Use Cases.
  • Blockchain...The Right Model for the Securities Industry?
  • Permissioned Versus Permissionless Blockchains and the Future of the Securities Industry.
  • How is Blockchain Different from the Internet Bubble: What does the future hold – boom or bust?
  • Bitcoin and the Digital Currency Revolution: What Bitcoin Tells Us About the Future of Global Finance.

See the full agenda here

Last month, DTCC announced its membership in the Linux Foundation, the world’s largest open source non-profit, to support a new open source venture known as the Hyperledger project. This positions DTCC to contribute to the governance of end user requirements, technical oversight and intellectual property working groups that will define the industry standards for blockchain.

In January, further demonstrating DTCC’s commitment to helping lead the industry as the technology evolves and becomes more standardized, DTCC announced an investment in Digital Asset Holdings. It was also announced that Bodson joined the DAH Board of Directors.

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