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Left to right: Michael Sashoua, Editor, Insider Reference Data, Matthew Stauffer, CEO, Clarient Global LLC, and Steve Matchett, Auto Racing Commentator, NBC and NBC Sports Network.

Clarient Global LLC (Clarient) was presented with Inside Reference Data’s Best Reference Data Newcomer for 2016 award for its Public Know Your Customer (PKYC) Service. The award recognizes a new provider or product launched since March 2015 that provides competitive advantage for users’ reference data operations.

Matthew Stauffer, CEO, Clarient, accepted the award during a ceremony held on May 18. Commenting on the award, Stauffer said “We are very pleased that the Clarient PKYC Service was recognized as the Best Reference Data Newcomer this year. With more than 50,000 completed PKYC records for our clients, Clarient is supporting the industry’s need for a more efficient and standardized way of handling KYC, client onboarding and rolling reviews. We continue to create a single, global platform to collect and manage legal entity data throughout the entire client lifecycle.”

Regulatory requirements to Know Your Customer (KYC) amplify the need to simplify client data and to better manage documents. Looking to fill those needs, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) founded Clarient in collaboration with Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and State Street.

About Clarient’s PKYC Service

Clarient’s PKYC Service, which went live in December 2015, is offered via the Clarient Entity Hub, a comprehensive reference data solution providing control, standardization and transparency during the client onboarding process and ongoing client lifecycle events.

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The Clarient PKYC service is a legal entity data product that supports a firm’s client onboarding processes and periodic KYC refreshes and rolling reviews. The service provides structured data elements and evidence from recognized authoritative sources, necessary to satisfy a firm’s KYC requirements. Clarient’s expert operations team sources and validate this data and associated evidence entirely from the public domain, with no disturbance to the client or entity. The Clarient PKYC Service is powered by a growing library of approximately 2 million existing legal entity records from Avox, the industry’s leading source of validated and maintained legal entity data.

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