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Tabb Group Research Calculates Client Onboarding and Entity Data Costs to the Buy SideWhat direct and “hidden” costs do investment managers face from sub-optimal approaches to client onboarding and entity data and document management and distribution?

That was the question Tabb Group aimed to answer in their recent research report, commissioned by Clarient, entitled: Client Onboarding and Entity Data Processing: Calculating the Value to the Buy-Side.

According to the study, 62 percent of respondents experience challenges gathering and maintaining data from their clients, including the need to ask them for additional documentation to ensure data correctness and consistency for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. The research also suggests that individual investment managers could avoid costs of more than $11,000 per onboarding by improving their client data and document management processes.


Based on their study, TABB Group cites adoption of a central utility as the most efficient way to both address the industry’s client data management challenges and introduce new solutions and services that will improve processes and drive down cost.

Clarient Entity Hub simplifies client data and document management in a secure environment and has been enhanced specifically to meet evolving buy-side needs, giving investment managers the ability to establish a permissioned Base Relationship with banks, broker-dealers, and institutional clients to exchange and maintain a full spectrum of legal entity data and documentation necessary to transact.

Download the research Client Onboarding and Entity Data Processing: Calculating the Value to the Buy-Side to learn more or view a replay of our recent webinar featuring speakers from TABB Group, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Clarient.