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ClarientOn August 18th, James Redfern Executive Director, Business Development at DTCC, and Carl Needham Executive Director PKYC Product at Clarient Global LLC, hosted an industry webinar: Managing Client Data with the Clarient Entity Hub PKYC Service.

The webinar discussed how in an effort to lower risk, prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, identity theft and enhance market stability, regulators and policy makers continue to focus on greater customer due diligence across financial marketing. Given this regulatory environment, firms are challenged with onboarding and maintaining accurate customer records through rigorous KYC processes while keeping operational costs low. The Clarient Entity Hub Public KYC (PKYC) Service can help with this by leveraging publicly available data to lighten the burden of sourcing information for legal entities and accelerating the KYC process for users from initial on-boarding, through to periodic review and remediation.

The PKYC Service is offered via the Clarient Entity Hub, an industry utility platform whereby legal entity data and documentation can be securely uploaded through a single entry point and maintained and shared between counterparties through an intuitive interface, enabling complete transparency into the process and control over content.

To learn more about the Clarient Entity Hub PKYC Service view the webinar recording or visit our website.