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Clients continue to perceive DTCC as a reliable and trusted expert supporting the financial services industry, while increasingly recognizing the firm as a proactive and innovative thought leader, according to DTCC’s bi-annual Brand Equity Study.

While DTCC continues to broaden its support for the financial services industry by providing innovative solutions to reduce risk and help clients meet operational challenges, the firm also recognizes the importance of its corporate brand and the role it plays in representing DTCC’s values and meeting client expectations. DTCC’s Brand Equity Study—first conducted in 2012, and then in 2014—seeks to gain insights on how the firm is perceived by its clients in alignment with DTCC’s brand and business goals.

Conducted in Q1 2017, the Brand Equity Study solicited responses from clients across the globe. With approximately 1,300 respondents, the study helped gauge client familiarity and engagement with DTCC businesses, in addition to how they would rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, DTCC across 15 brand attributes including efficiency, stability, expertise and innovation to name a few.

DTCC Viewed as Proactive and Trusted Expert According to Brand Equity Study Respondent

The results showed great progress since 2014, with notable gains in client familiarity of DTCC’s products and services, and in client engagement attributes such as satisfaction, adds value, and likelihood to use in the future. DTCC also improved across all measured brand attributes, continuing to do well in traditional areas of strength such as being an expert, reliable, and stable, while showing significant improvement across more aspirational, commercially-minded attributes such as proactive, innovative and a thought leader. Contributing to improvements in these areas is DTCC’s work in recent years leading the industry’s move to a T+2 settlement cycle in the U.S., and facilitating thought provoking dialogue among industry experts on topics such as blockchain technology, cloud computing and other technological advancements.

David Deacon, Executive Director, Head of Corporate and Core Business Marketing, leads branding efforts for DTCC and worked closely with DTCC’s Market Research team and the research division of PwC to conduct the Brand Equity Study.

“Survey participants represented a wide cross-section of DTCC’s clients from several countries across the globe,” Deacon said. “This gave us a well-rounded and detailed picture of the effectiveness of DTCC’s branding and thought leadership efforts. One of the highlights is the strides DTCC has made as a proactive industry partner.”

DTCC Viewed as Proactive and Trusted Expert, According to Brand Equity Study - Respondent

The results are a testament to the alignment between DTCC’s business aspirations and brand strategy as the firm maintains its position as trusted, reliable and honest while entering new and innovative markets.

Mark Vercruysse, DTCC Managing Director and Head of Relationship Management, commented on the importance of clients’ feedback. “Client perception is always top of mind at DTCC as we strive to deliver a best-in-class client experience,” he said. “The results of the Brand Equity Study help guide the firm’s efforts when deepening existing client relationships and entering new markets.”

Improvement Across All Attributes

“We were pleased to see improvements across all key brand equity measures,” commented Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. “These results tell us that our business and brand strategies are working in concert with each other. You don’t often see this kind of improvement unless the two are synergistic.”

DTCC Viewed as Proactive and Trusted Expert, According to Brand Equity Study

All attributes were measured on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 representing most favorable.

Chinnici-Everitt also noted that the most striking aspect of the 2017 study is that clients, in growing numbers, believe that DTCC is delivering on its positioning statement of “Securing Today, Shaping Tomorrow” which is key to driving continuous client satisfaction.