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DTCCs Wealth Management Services Earns Praise from Clients

By Kasi Martin | August 10, 2018

DTCC’s Wealth Management Services Earns Praise from Clients

According to DTCC’s 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey, Wealth Management Services (WMS) ranks among the highest in overall satisfaction with DTCC’s core product offerings.

The survey cast a wide net this year, capturing the opinion of 2,038 clients, 204 of whom were WMS users from 64 companies. The majority of respondents were users of WMS products and services (61%) or direct managers of users (34%). The overall client satisfaction score across all of DTCC’s business lines was 88%. Within DTCC’s Core business lines – Clearing Services, Settlement & Asset Services and WMS – satisfaction was even higher, at 92%. Diving deeper into the data, WMS received the highest rating from respondents, 93%, with nearly half (49%) of clients citing that they were “extremely satisfied” and 44% “satisfied” with its products and services.

DTCC’s Wealth Management Services Earns Praise from Clients

DTCC’s Wealth Management Services Earns Praise from Clients

“This year’s client survey was among our most comprehensive to date,” said Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. “We captured general and product-specific feedback, and measured both quantitative and qualitative metrics, giving clients the opportunity to provide reasons for their rating so we could identify opportunities to enhance our services.”

There was another noteworthy result in the product-specific surveys for WMS – three of its longstanding services, Fund/SERV®, Networking and Insurance all earned 100% satisfaction marks.

“Our clients are always our primary focus. It’s rewarding to know that our work hasn’t gone unnoticed, said Ann Bergin, Managing Director and Head of DTCC’s Wealth Management Services, “And the positive feedback isn’t limited to the survey – our clients reinforce it in their commitment and dedication to strong partnerships with us. We’ve served this market for over 30 years and seen it change significantly. By working hand-in-hand with clients we’ve developed a specialized set of products and services that keep us relevant and, today, we continue to listen to their needs and adapt.”