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Transforming the Industry's IT Profile

By DTCC Connection Staff | October 25, 2018

From Where We Stand, distributed ledgers may command the fintech spotlight, but the most impactful solution in today's technology revolution may be the one that's been around the longest. Learn why we think cloud computing will transform the IT profile of the industry in our new whitepaper, "Moving Financial Markets Infrastructure to the Cloud."

Executive Summary

DTCC has been executing on its IT strategy for modernization, and over the past five years has incrementally expanded its solutions delivery capability to externally hosted platforms, including the use of public cloud vendors.

In parallel, the cloud vendor ecosystem has matured and vastly expanded, and the scale and commoditization of computing, storage and network services in the cloud is driving the price toward zero. The capabilities, resiliency and security of those offerings have improved dramatically, and it is now arguable that cloud offerings have already exceeded the capabilities of private data centers – and that gap will continue to grow at an accelerating rate, leaving laggards in cloud adoption at increased risk from a resiliency and cost perspective.

The question of the past 10 years has been, “How safe is it to move processing to the cloud?” But the question is becoming, “What compromises are made by continuing to maintain processing in on-premises data centers?”

DTCC is now engaging in a program to strategically expand the use of cloud processing across a much greater range of its services and applications, with a goal of leveraging cloud capabilities to reduce risk, reduce cost, and improve the resiliency and security of DTCC’s systems.