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DTCC Learning Corner: MF Info Xchange, SFTR, ALERT® and More

By DTCC Connection Staff | Apr 10, 2019

As DTCC’s one-stop shop for learning resources, DTCC Learning (DTCCL) is committed to helping clients optimize their use of DTCC’s suite of products and services through comprehensive education programs that include live and recorded webinars, tutorials, user guides, self-paced training modules and other resources.

Here are some of the highlighted offerings from DTCC Learning.

DTCC Learning Corner
Institutional Trade Processing

Supporting US Trades on CTM

Learning Center Resource

Supporting US trades via CTM is the first step in an evolution to a more seamless, automated trade matching and confirmation platform. Access a range of resources to learn how you can leverage CTM to support your US trades and clients. 
Institutional Trade Processing

New user UI training on CTM and ALERT®

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Are you a new user of CTM or ALERT? Or do you have new team members who need to learn more about how to use these services? If so, register for one of our complimentary webinars to help get started with using the UI.

Equities Clearing

Customer Business Requirements: Phase 1 — PCF Enhancements for Processing Multiple Basket Types

Business Requirements
Learn more about the planned changes to expand the existing ETF primary market clearing process to include processing of multiple basket types to add flexibility for order customization.

Fixed Income Clearing - CMU
FAQs for Real-Time Matching (RTTM) Processing for CMU Trades

Document and Article
Access frequently asked questions about CMU RTTM, including information about trade input time cutoffs.

Mutual Fund Services
MF Info Xchange Web User Guide

Document In 2018, DTCC launched MF Info Xchange, a centralized communications service for the mutual fund industry. The service facilitates and streamlines the delivery and receipt of time-critical notifications and helps effectively organize, prioritize and manage events and notifications through a centralized communications center.  Learn more!

SFTR Validation Rules Engine Simulator (Video Tutorial)

Video This video tutorial provides guidance on how to use the validation tool/simulator to test, verify and troubleshoot submissions to GTR SFTR in a stand-alone environment, prior to submitting to the UAT or Production environments.

GTR Report Knowledgebase

MAS/ASIC Report Updates!

Learning Center Resource
The Report Knowledgebase is a tool not only for reconciliation, but can also be used as you map your inbound (submission) to your outbound (reporting) fields. It includes full definitions for the template fields as well as the conditional requirements (logic) for each field.