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Value-Added Services for a One-Stop Trade Reporting Solution

By DTCC Connection Staff | Apr 24, 2019

Value-Added Services for a One-Stop Trade Reporting Solution

DTCC’s Pre-Reporting Transformation Services, an optional, value-add offering powered by Xceptor, a leader in data-centric intelligent automation services, automates the complex data and operational requirements of trade reporting, eliminating the need for users to build in-house data transformation capabilities. With these services, DTCC can help clients normalise, enrich and validate trade data – typically spread across a myriad of disparate sources, in varying formats – before it can be submitted to our trade repository.

The transformation services are currently available as part of DTCC’s one-stop shop for the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) and will soon be available as a value-add option for derivatives trade reporting globally.

"With data being one of the main challenges of the SFTR obligations, DTCC provides clients with the ability to capture and normalize any data format from any channel and intelligently connect the right data, in the right format, at the right time," said Val Wotton, Managing Director, Product Development & Strategy, Derivatives & Collateral Management, DTCC. "Our partnership with Xceptor will enable firms to significantly streamline their operational processes and help simplify the SFTR compliance process. We look forward to helping the industry prepare for SFTR in 2020."

To provide further value, as an optional component of DTCC’s Pre-Reporting Transformation Services, the Droit eligibility platform allows clients to determine the full global cross-regulatory reporting implications and obligations associated with a transaction in real-time. For every reporting decision, the Droit platform will provide complete auditability and traceability through to fully digitised regulatory text.

Watch the demo videos to learn more:

DTCC Pre-Reporting Transformation Services for SFTR

DTCC Pre-Reporting Transformation Services for Derivatives