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DTCC Continues to Improve Client Engagement and Experience

By Melanie Best | April 30, 2019

DTCC rated positively by clients across all key measures in the company’s latest Brand Equity Study.

DTCC rates very positively with clients across an array of attributes, and furthermore it outperforms its competitors in all of them. These findings are among the key takeaways from the company’s latest Brand Equity Survey. Additionally, a comparison of 2019 and 2014 survey results shows a marked increase in client engagement with DTCC that parallels improved perceptions of the company over the past five years.

The 2019 Brand Equity Survey is DTCC’s third since launching this initiative in 2014. The survey illuminates how client perceptions of the company align with DTCC’s business and brand goals, determines the level of familiarity with DTCC’s products and services, and identifies trends in client impressions around important attributes like innovation, thought leadership and client focus.

The survey is also useful in assessing DTCC’s brand equity vis-à-vis that of competitors and indicating how clients view specific competitors in targeted lines of business.

“This year’s survey results confirm that our sustained focus on the needs of our clients is paying off through rising client engagement,” said Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. “Survey respondents also say we continue to make it easier to do business with us. These findings, combined with our high rankings in areas like reliability, trust and expertise, will help DTCC provide clients with a best-in-class experience.”

Survey methodology

DTCC’s Market Research and Analytics team, in collaboration with PwC, conducted the Brand Equity Survey between November 29, 2018, and January 28, 2019. Responses were collected from 729 executives and non-executive who have relevant experience with DTCC.

DTCC Continues to Improve Client Engagement and Experience
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Survey interviews included a list of 15 attributes respondents were asked to rank in order of importance in describing DTCC. The top three attributes – effective/efficient, reliable, and stable – held the same top importance positions in the 2014 and 2017 surveys. Two others – trusted (#4) and collaborative (#8) – showed the greatest improvement since 2017.

Key findings

Among the most striking survey findings was DTCC’s outperformance of competitors in all 15 attributes. Its topmost advantages over competitors (on a 10-point scale) were in being stable (DTCC 8.3 versus competitors 7.5), honest (8.1 versus 7.3) and an industry leader (8.1 versus 7.1). The survey also found that DTCC is resonating with clients more strongly over time in terms of attributes – client-focused, collaborative, flexible, innovative, thought leader and proactive. In all attributes, DTCC’s ratings were up across the board from 2014.

“These results confirm that DTCC is delivering on its brand promise. Clients are looking to us for new and enhanced post-trade solutions and for insights into evolving challenges in our industry,” said David Deacon, DTCC Executive Director, Head of Corporate and Core Business Marketing. Deacon leads the Brand Equity Survey initiative.

Regionally, brand attribute ratings were highest in North America, followed by Europe – where ratings increased the most, largely due to feedback from Global Trade Repository (GTR) users. By business, GTR clients overall registered significantly increased engagement while GTR and Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) users showed greatly improved perceptions since 2014 in key areas like DTCC proactivity, reliability, expertise and client focus. Ratings from clients of DTCC’s core services were strong and stable.

DTCC plans to use survey results to further enhance DTCC’s brand and improve how the firm delivers for its clients.