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CFOs as Leaders of Organizational Innovation

By Susan Cosgrove, DTCC CFO | August 8, 2019

Turning User Feedback Into Improved Market Insights

In her article, published in Treasury & Risk, Susan Cosgrove, DTCC CFO, details five ways finance executives can leverage their unique expertise and cautious nature, to advance corporate strategy.

 “The role of the CFO has evolved dramatically in recent years as the business landscape has become more dynamic, competitive, and complex. It’s no longer enough for a CFO to focus on the traditional responsibilities of protecting the financial security of the firm and identifying ways to foster growth. Today, CFOs are expected to play a broader and more strategic role by helping to define and shape the future vision of their companies, particularly as new technologies create opportunities to transform market sectors in the blink of an eye. Central to this is the need for CFOs to serve as champions of organizational innovation.” – Susan Cosgrove, DTCC CFO

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