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DTCC Learning Helping Clients Optimize DTCC Services Every Day

By DTCC Connection Staff | February 27, 2019

DTCC Learning – Helping Clients Optimize DTCC Services Every Day

From timely webinars, through web-based courses and product-level documentation,” DTCC Learning helps clients successfully use DTCC products and services - and has big plans for 2019.

In 2018, nearly 127,000 users accessed the wealth of instructor-led and self-paced elearning programs as well as documentation and reference materials provided by DTCC Learning.

DTCC Learning offers a growing library of more than 4,500 learning assets, which are available to all DTCC clients at no charge. Customized learning programs can be tailored specifically to client’s requests for a fee upon request. The information is presented largely so clients can learn at their own pace, including new user toolkits; step-by-step “how to’s”; industry and product webinars led by experts; detailed product documentation; and simulations that walk users through highly complex transactions to completion.

“DTCC Learning delivers an ever-expanding range of learning tools, providing the knowledge and skills clients need to optimize their use of DTCC services, while enhancing their industry expertise,” said Robin Choudhury, DTCC Director, Brand Management & Client Learning.

To streamline access to the Learning Center, DTCC recently deployed a single-sign on from the DTCC Web Portal, enabling clients to sign on just once to access both platforms. This functionality will soon be available for both the PBS Portal and Global Portal (,

Other helpful features of the Learning Center enable users to bookmark items for later use, track their progress and subscribe for updates, alerts and content recommendations. Users must log into the Learning Center to access these features as well as the full set of learning content available for clients.

A Growing Library of Content

The content on the site is constantly expanding - 442 new training assets were added in 2018 alone. Almost everything is created in-house in conjunction with a network of cross-organization and interdepartmental partnerships, according to Choudhury.

“Our team is made up of a diverse group of highly experienced technical writers, instructional designers and eLearning developers who are experts in our products and services and the financial services industry,” Choudhury said. “We partner across DTCC – with groups like Product and Relationship Management, Technology, and Marketing – to understand what’s new in the business, which products are being updated and to better understand our clients’ needs.”

A key focus is not just the learning assets themselves, but the extensive help guides embedded within many of DTCC’s products.

“We want clients to be aware that the answers to their questions are at their fingertips, 24/7, on everything from how DTCC fits into the industry picture, to specifics on completing individual transactions on our products themselves,” Choudhury added.

Onboarding Help

DTCC Learning is an integral part of client onboarding. In fact, to make sure that product onboarding training is tailored to each client’s needs, DTCC Learning training specialists provide tailored service by conducting a needs assessment via a phone call with each new client.

“Our goal is to make things easier for our clients,” Choudhury said. “We operate in a complex industry and DTCC offers such a holistic set of services across the financial sector, and DTCC Learning is a gateway to help clients take full advantage of it all.”

In order to gain client insights for future learning enhancements, DTCC Learning conducts regular client surveys. In a recent survey of the Learning Center, 78% of respondents said they were “satisfied/extremely satisfied” with the website, citing it as “useful and user friendly”. Survey results also revealed that 47% visit the site for resources primarily on Global Trade Repository (GTR) and that product documentation was the most used type of resource offered.

Another new feature DTCC Learning has implemented is a new “star” rating system, allowing users to provide instant feedback at the individual asset level. These surveys, along with site-based tools that track usage patterns, are crucial for continuous improvement efforts. As Choudhury noted, “We always welcome feedback on how to improve our services. When clients let us know where the gaps are, we’re able to incorporate that feedback in planning new content assets and programs.”

Looking Ahead

The DTCC Learning team is already deep into executing 2019 planning. On the technology development slate, plans include improving internal SEO and reconfiguring enhanced taxonomy. The team is also evaluating tools to increase and deepen engagement, launching custom follow-up via emails and other digital tools.

"For this year, improving search capabilities on the Learning Center is definitely something we’re looking at,” confirmed Choudhury. “We’ll also be supporting major new product releases and updates across DTCC’s businesses with a host of learning and documentation support.


DTCC Learning – Helping Clients Optimize DTCC Services Every Day