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Improving the Client Experience with Corporate Actions Processing

By DTCC Connection Staff | January 30, 2019

In 2018, DTCC’s Corporate Actions Processing team embarked on a mission to meet clients face to face and find out ways to improve their client experience. The Corporate Actions Client Centricity Initiative enabled us to find out what pain points our clients were dealing with and develop solutions to meet those needs.

With 12 client visits over 12 months, we developed a plan that would look at 18 different issues from four distinct categories: technology, processes, client services, and expanded services/strategic vision. Some solutions for these pain points have already been implemented, while others are currently undergoing improvements.

We invite you to view our interactive infographic to view the changes being made based on our initiative. Find out about pain points and solutions by clicking on the various icons to view more information.

Improving the Client Experience with Corporate Actions Processing

Client Testimonials

“We recently had the opportunity to sit with several DTCC representatives to discuss many topics that are valuable to our day to day processing. DTCC was accommodating to our concerns and provided exceptional feedback to reduce those concerns. The meeting was both professional and educational; they listened to our teams, gauged how we operate and offered insight on ways to simplify many of our processes.

To me, the most important part of the meeting was getting to know the team at DTCC on a personal level. DTCC is knowledgeable and truly concerned about how they can help the industry. I am convinced that together we can make a huge impact in the Corporate Action world and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

   - Henry Napier, Vice President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China FS LLC

“Visiting with DTCC gave us the opportunity to put a face to the name of the people we often communicate with. Allowing us to interact face-to-face with the team at DTCC strengthened our partnership by enabling us to better demonstrate our issues and concerns as well as align strategically with future processing initiatives.

We are all under pressure to meet deadlines, solve for risk and meet high demands of our customers. Being able to humanize the person on the other side of a “hot” situation gives you comfort in knowing you’re working as a team to reach a common goal.”

   - Greg Doyle, Group Leader, Corporate Actions, First Clearing - Wells Fargo Clearing Services