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Navigating the SFTR landscape

By DTCC Connection Staff | January 30, 2019

Turning User Feedback Into Improved Market Insights

The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) is set to shake up how investors, large and small, trade. Increased transparency and reporting under the new rules aim to improve risk management across the post trade landscape, but are all players aware of their new responsibilities?

In a new webcast moderated by Financial News a panel of experts discuss the incoming regulation, what it means for the sector – and if everyone is prepared for its arrival.

Panelists include:

Val Wotton, Managing Director, Product Development & Strategy, Trade Reporting, Derivatives and Collateral Management, DTCC

Pierre Khemdoudi, Managing Director – Securities Finance, Delta One and Dividend Forecasting, IHS Markit

Iain Mackay, Global Post Trade Owner, Equilend

Ed Oliver, Managing Director, Product Development, eSecLending

Watch the webcast now