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DTCC Learning Gets Smarter with Enhanced Search Feature

By Emily Kish | July 23, 2019

DTCC Learning Gets Smarter with Enhanced Search Feature

It’s now easier to search and access learning resources available from DTCC Learning with the launch of a new content search filtering function on its Learning Center.

The DTCC Learning Center provides clients with access to learning solutions that help optimize their use of DTCC services, offering a wide range of resources from new user toolkits and learning videos to step-by-step “how to’s” for DTCC services and products.

With more than 5,000 learning assets available across the DTCC Learning Center, this new filtering feature helps narrow down and speed searches to better pinpoint topics of interest and allow users to invest more time into their learning, rather than searching. “This enhancement is part of DTCC’s ongoing approach to constantly make improvements based on direct client feedback.” said David Wong, Associate Director for DTCC Digital Marketing & Client Learning Technologies. “We continually review feedback to look for new ways to improve functionality and the client experience.”

Future enhancements, according to Wong, include improvements in site security and reducing page load times. Click to login and experience the benefits of the search engine and its filtering function. To learn more about the filter function to enhance your search, contact the DTCC Learning team.