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DTCC 2019 Fintech Symposium: Transforming Infrastructure in a Digital World

DTCC Connection Staff | May 06, 2019

At DTCC’s 2019 Fintech Symposium, financial industry executives, technology experts, policymakers and leaders from key industry organizations joined DTCC to share knowledge and fresh insights on emerging technologies and how industry infrastructure is advancing.

Among the event highlights, R. Martin Chavez, Global Co-Head, Securities Division, Goldman Sachs, and Mike Bodson, DTCC President & CEO discussed how new technology is reinventing the client experience and creating “seismic shifts” in market infrastructure and labor markets.

In the keynote speech, Neha Narula, director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT’s Media Lab, offered a historical perspective on the evolution of the Internet and described how blockchain technology could alter the financial system.