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By DTCC Connection Staff | September 4, 2019

DTCC’s Global Trade Repository (GTR)* 2.0 significantly enhances the access to your derivative trade data providing a common interface across all regions. The new GTR 2.0 user interface is currently available for the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) jurisdiction and is scheduled to launch for data that is required to be reported to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under applicable UK legislation post Brexit.

GTR plans to expand existing capabilities offered through the user interface, and to cover reporting requirements for Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) and all other jurisdictions which the GTR currently supports at a later date. Asia-Pacific data insights went live in July of 2019 and other jurisdictions have a staggered launch schedule.

Our series of EMIR Insights and Top Tips introduces various interface functionalities as well as common trade data challenges and how to solve them. Our aim: to help clients make the most of our user-friendly, self-service portal and improve your derivative trade data performance and control.

Visit the Read Insights & Top Tips 1-6, available to clients via the DTCC Learning Center, to learn how to make the most of the portal.

Topics include:

  1. Blank Maturity Dates: Information you may require to use the GTR "Maturity Date" reporting field effectively.
  2. Potentially Inaccurate Maturity Dates: Leverage the EMIR Portal to search and identify trades with potentially inaccurate maturity dates and align them with your books and records.
  3. Blank, Negative and Small Notional Values: Identify trades with a blank, negative and small notional value that you may then decide to correct, or terminate/exit and no longer report.
  4. Intra TR Pairs – Mixed Status: Identify paired records where one side of the trade is live while the other side is expired and align them with your books and records.
  5. Large Notional Values: Identify trades with a large notional value and align them with your books and records.
  6. Trace 3 Rejection and Reconciliation Statistics: Review your data that may be accessed by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) or other competent authorities via the TRACE 3 system. 

Don't have access to the new portal? Take action now
You must be provisioned by your Super Access Coordinator (SAC) to access the GTR 2.0 Portal in your jurisdiction. For more information on how to contact your SAC please access our Learning Center.

Are you a Super Access Coordinator (SAC)?
If you are a SAC, watch our learning video "How to Provision Yourself & Your Authorized Users”.

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Asia-Pacific (APAC) Portal

* DTCC offers the Global Trade Repository service through its registered/licensed trade repositories.