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Advancing Transformative Technologies

By DTCC Connection Staff | April 20, 2020

Advancing Innovation

Advancing Transformative Technologies

By DTCC Connection Staff | Apr 20, 2020

At DTCC, we continue to lead the digital transformation of post-trade processing by exploring how new technologies like DLT, cloud computing, robotics process automation and applied machine learning can help reduce risks and costs and increase efficiencies.

Leading the Fintech Wave

While the fintech revolution continues accelerating the pace of change, we’re keeping ahead of the innovation curve by helping to define the critical building blocks to usher in this digital transformation. For instance, last year we outlined function-based guiding principles for the post-trade processing of tokenized securities and also kicked off a global dialogue on the need for a robust governance model to support the development and implementation of distributed ledger solutions. We also brought together some of the industry’s leading experts on fintech for our annual conference on the intersection of technology and post-trade processing.

Get Your APIs Here

In the on-demand, personalized service age of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, we completed development and testing of our new application programming interface, or API, Marketplace, last year, setting the stage for its public launch in early 2020. As one of the first market infrastructures to make APIs available via an online app store, we’re giving our clients, partners and internal developers direct programmatic access to our products and services via a single, central location and enabling them to create proprietary products and services that can be used when they want them, how they want them and in a way that best meets their individual needs.

Finding the Signal in the Noise of Data

For all the promise of Big Data, many firms continue to struggle to turn the massive stores of information they hold into actionable intelligence. The problem is particularly acute among insurance carriers and dealers as these massive data sets have become unwieldy, totaling over 14.5 million policy records processed daily last year. In 2019, we set out to solve this challenge by launching development work on Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX), a new platform that will help our clients support the sourcing and consumption of insurance data, on demand, built on the cloud and using client-facing APIs. Release One is scheduled to go live in 2020.