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Daily Transactional Data on GSD Sponsored Service Now Available

By DTCC Connection Staff | April 22, 2020

FICC has recently begun publishing daily transaction volume data from the GSD Sponsored Service on DTCC’s public web site. This newest data table shows the daily total repo amount, total amount in reverse repos, and total gross amount of repo transactions in the Service.

Available from the Sponsored Membership page on, the daily data is anonymized and presented on a one-week delay, so it cannot be used to compromise confidential trading data.

“FICC has made it possible to bring a much larger percentage of the market into clearing, on both the long and short sides of the equation, while still maintaining robust risk management standards,” said Jim Hraska, Managing Director and General Manager of FICC. “This daily data presents an additional level of transparency into the exceptional activity we’re seeing in the Sponsored Service.”

Last July, DTCC began publishing monthly transaction volume in the GSD Sponsored Service on Last month, during the unprecedented market volatility of March, the service saw a monthly peak of $564 billion and a daily average of almost $477 billion.

“The Sponsored Service can create needed capacity for the market while at the same time, reducing systemic risk such as fire sales,” said Hraska.

Currently, there are 12 Sponsoring Members live on the service (7 Broker/Dealers, 3 US Banks, and 2 non-US Banks), with 15 additional Sponsoring Members in various stages of onboarding. There are over 1,900 Sponsored Members participating in the Service. Please click on image below to learn more:

Daily Transactional Data on GSD Sponsored Service Now Available