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DTCC Learning Activates New Login to Unlock Feature

By Lauren Richard | July 30, 2020

The new “Login to Unlock” feature prompts DTCC clients to login to their DTCC Learning Center account to maximize the resources available to them.

The DTCC Learning Center is an online repository for all DTCC clients looking for resources to enhance their product knowledge and reach implementation goals. Over 4,000 pieces of content containing a wide variety of topics are accessible to registered users on the Learning Center. To gain complete access to all of the resources, DTCC clients must login to their Learning Center account. As seen in the figure below, clients who do not log into the Learning Center see significantly fewer resources than those who do.

“Through our research, we noticed that many clients are not logging in when they use the Learning Center. This hinders clients’ ability to see all of the content available to them and quickly locate the resources they need. Our team created the ‘Login to Unlock’ feature to help raise awareness of the full set of materials available just by simply logging in.” Robin Choudhury, Director of Brand Management and Client Learning explained.

DTCC Learning Activates New “Login to Unlock” Feature

The new search engine “Login to Unlock” feature displays grey locks next to content that would be available to clients if they login. Clients can click the lock icon and login with their DTCC Learning account to view the content that was previously locked. Logging into the Learning Center can also be done from the DTCC Portal or on the home page of DTCC clients who do not have an account can register for a DTCC Learning account at any time.

DTCC Learning Activates New Login to Unlock Feature

Being logged into the DTCC Learning Center has more benefits than full access to learning content. Clients can customize their experience by bookmarking content for later use, enroll in self-paced learning courses, select their products of interest and sign up for product updates. “Our goal is to provide personalized, on-demand, easy-to-access resources that benefit DTCC clients and their organizations,” Choudhury said. “This new ‘Login to Unlock’ feature helps us support that goal and our team will continue to find opportunities to enhance our Learning Center, so our clients have an optimal experience with its use.”

DTCC clients are encouraged to review the Learning Center’s interactive navigation guide and to visit the DTCC Learning Center to discover the value for themselves.