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A Balanced Life Working at DTCC

By Jyothi Lakashminarayanan, DTCC Director, Service Management Metrics and Availability Management | June 15, 2020

A Balanced Life: Working at DTCC - 300px
Jyothi Lakashminarayanan, DTCC Director, Service Management Metrics and Availability Management

One of the things that distinguishes DTCC is the importance the organization places on its employees. This is evident in the respectful and collaborative relationships we build with our colleagues, in the emphasis on career development and in the commitment to supporting the diverse needs of our people. For me, the ability to take advantage of flexible work arrangements allows me to balance my work responsibilities with my family and personal obligations.

Because I’m not forced to choose between my career and my family, I can complete assignments or hold meetings with my co-workers in the evening after I’ve had a chance to spend quality time with my daughter. She is in the 10th grade and facing board exams. Because of this arrangement, I have been able to provide moral support to her during these challenging times. I can drop her to school and be back at home around 5pm to support her for her next exam.

When DTCC is recognized by organizations like Forbes and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for our commitment to diversity and inclusion, it reinforces what makes this company so special.

But the flexibility extends beyond just the big events in my family’s lives. Most nights, we have the opportunity to enjoy dinner together or I can tuck my daughter into bed before turning my full attention to my work. This arrangement allows me to be a mom at home and a leader at work–and it’s why I’m able to deliver the very best for DTCC and our clients. I’m confident that I’m able to give 100 percent of myself to my work and my family without having to sacrifice one for the other.

DTCC is my ideal workplace because it genuinely cares about its employees. That’s why I’m not surprised when we win awards, such as Forbes Best Places to Work, Forbes Best Place to Work for Diversity and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Best Place to Work for LBTQ Equality. I see those values every day of the week, and it’s why I’m so proud to be an employee of DTCC.