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DTCC Learning Delivers Enhanced Client Experience

By DTCC Connection Staff | March 11, 2020

DTCC Learning Delivers Enhanced Client Experience

Whether it’s instructor-led or self-paced classes, product guides or in-product “help” content, DTCC Learning (DTCCL) helps clients get their questions answered right from their own desktops. Over the last year, DTCCL has worked to make its Learning Center site more user friendly, useful and accessible for clients, and these improvements have helped it serve an even wider audience.

New Registrants and Offerings

More than 156,000 users accessed DTCCL’s suite of eLearning programs, product documentation and reference materials on the Learning Center in 2019, a 23% increase over 2018. The number of new Learning Center registrations also grew by more than 250%, due in part to the single sign-in feature the firm created across its web portals. This made it easier for clients to enter the Learning Center site, by enabling them to sign in just once to access both platforms.

DTCCL also added more than 1,200 new and updated learning assets in 2019.

Improved User Experience

Last year, DTCCL improved the search functionality on the Learning Center home page by including filters to make it easier for clients to find information. It also instituted a “Star” rating system in 2019 that lets users rate and provide instant feedback on individual documents, videos and articles. Through this system, DTCCL learns which assets are the most popular, so that the firm can tailor its future offerings and also make improvements as needed.

Another major initiative completed in 2019 was the expansion of DTCC's online help offerings (OLH), which provides answers to questions clients may have in the course of doing their work, conveniently from within select DTCC products. DTCCL is in the process of developing more functionality and content to make this even more useful for all users.

Please click on the image below to view DTCC Learning’s impact on the client experience in 2019.

DTCC Learning Delivers Enhanced Client Experience

A Look Ahead

One of DTCCL’s goals this year is to more broadly promote existing features and functionality of the site that help users get to the content they’re looking for more easily. For example, one of the main things users can do to improve their experience and get to the content they need is to simply log in; this will provide access to all available content and also enable bookmarking and setting preferences which will help speed access to content of interest