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Finding Content on the DTCC Learning Center is Now Easier

By Lauren Richard, Senior Marketing Analyst, DTCC Marketing and Communications | November 24, 2020

Several new Learning Center features have been rolled out to streamline DTCC clients’ content search experience.

The DTCC Learning Center is an online repository with resources that helps enhance your product knowledge and make the most of DTCC products and services. Thousands of DTCC clients are registered users of the Learning Center and actively consume a variety of product content. In mid-November, DTCC enhanced the platform, not only updating the site with a refreshed new look, but also adding a number of new features. Here’s a breakdown of the updates you’ll notice:

Advanced Searches in Your Learning Dashboard

From the “Learning Dashboard”, you can now conduct “Advanced Searches” when looking for content. Advanced Searches allows you to narrow your search results by Products and Services, which quickly provides you with the most relevant content, making it easier to find the information you need. This advanced search is also available from the site’s main landing page.

Easily Find Your Frequently Used Content

From the “My Profile” section on the Dashboard, you now have the ability to quickly find and revisit recently downloaded content or pages viewed. Also on this page, you’ll find a compilation of all of the documents, videos and pages you’ve bookmarked as you’ve used the site. Don’t forget to log in to be able to use these helpful features!

Finding Content on the DTCC Learning Center is Now Easier

This particular set of new features transforms the ways you can find the content you need on the DTCC Learning Center. The DTCC Learning team plans on implementing even more exciting features in 2021.

“We are always researching trends and looking for feedback from our users as we continue to expand the functionalities of the DTCC Learning Center,” shared Lauren Sullivan, a Director of DTCC Learning. “We are looking forward to adding more on-demand content and further customizing the user experience in 2021 and beyond!”

To see these new features for yourself, sign up for or log into the DTCC Learning Center. For questions about these new features or to provide ideas for future Learning Center features contact DTCC Learning.