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If your firm is considering FICC-GSD membership in response to the SEC’s new U.S. Treasury Clearing requirements, DTCC has developed a new public calculator that can help in your decision-making. The CCLF® Public Calculator gives your firm the ability to simulate estimated future Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility (CCLF) obligations quickly and transparently and understand exactly how CCLF obligations associated with FICC-GSD membership are determined, before you even apply.

CCLF is a rules-based committed liquidity facility designed to help ensure FICC-GSD has sufficient liquid resources to meet its cash settlement obligations every day, even in the event of the default of the member (and its affiliates) with the largest exposure to FICC in extreme but plausible market conditions. If FICC-GSD has ceased to act for a GSD Netting Member, FICC may declare a “CCLF Event” requiring non-defaulting GSD Netting Members to hold and fund their deliveries to the insolvent member, up to a predetermined cap, by entering into repo transactions with FICC until the associated closeout is complete.

If you are interested in trying for yourself, CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CALCULATOR.