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Money Markets Kinetics 

How is Market Volatility Impacting Money Market Securities?

Weekly insights into what our data is showing

In times of unprecedented market volatility, providing market transparency is critical. Our new DTCC Money Market Kinetics Weekly Snapshot, derived from the DTCC Money Market Kinetics product, offers insights into the 3.1 trillion dollar money markets.

The report, which will be published to this page each week, derives its insights from DTCC Money Market Kinetics. The service offers daily anonymized CP and institutional CD transaction data.

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DTCC Money Market Kinetics: How it Works

DTCC Money Market Kinetics brings together in a single, streamlined data set a variety of common fields, including but not limited to:

  • security ID
  • security description
  • product type
  • issuer name
  • settlement date
  • maturity date
  • principal amount
  • settlement amount
  • interest rate and interest rate type.

DTCC's CP and institutional CD data is derived from DTC settled dealer turnarounds and directly placed paper transactions.

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